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Page last updated 12/16/2014

Other Cool info about the Mega Speedy 1050 Atari Disk Drive Upgrade

  • I am going to say this again. This drive upgrade can have its internal Logic and Firmware updated as programmers find new stuff they want to add.

  • Mega Speedy also has a IIC Port for the Hacker in you! The IIC bus does contain the 24C02 flash memory that holds the 4 configuration slots. So the hardware selection registers of the CPLD are programmed from the 24C02 stored data. One thing the IIC bus can also do, is support an RTC chip. For a disk-drive this may be a very useful part. And also, a LCD display is a viable option.

  • Here is a Picture of the IIC Connection Points!



  • The Mega Speedy Can also support the 65C816. Here is how to do this Upgrade should you want to: To install the 65C816, it's simple.
                        Leave the pins 1, 5, 7, 38 and 39 out of the socket.
                        Connect a pull up-resistor of 4k7 to 10K between pins 3 and 38.
                        Bridge 38 to 36.
                        Also bridge 39 to 37 to get the clock to the chip.
                        That's it.
    Now the drive will work just fine with the 65C816. (Last I checked, best price at Mouser)


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