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Stephen J. Carden

 Back Ground

  I programmed for 20+ Years for the Federal Government until I retired in 2010 because of Health Reasons!

 I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world Tammy!

I have two hobbies:


1:) I love to work on the Atari 8-bit. I have built many upgrades for the Atari 130xe. I have also written BBS Express Professional, TCPIP Express BBS, RealDos, and many other utilities. Of all the computers systems out there that I have programmed I like the Atari 8 bit the Most.


2:) I love to build and fly Blade 400 3d model helicopters. While I have had great luck in building them I have not master flying them.


.   Maybe I can get my wife to video me flying one of my helicopters and I will put it up on the web site.

 Very Important Atari 8-bit Users I owe a lot to!

This web site owes it's existence to two people. Atari User know of a really super Atari User. When My original lightning strike took out almost all  my Atari Equipment and most of my IBM Clone equipment along will a bunch of support stuff. The Lightning Strike did $10,000.00 dollars worth of damage in my office and contents. I had in one of my cat5 wires 5 feet of wire was vaporized. I took a direct strike to my office. It took me two years to fix or replace my 8-bits and PC's. Mr. T Rahbar came and rescued Inside The 8-Bit BBS and its supporting web site. So I just want to tell you Thank You from the bottom of my heart!


While the web site was down another super supportive Atari 8-bit uses came to the rescue and kept our web site on line in his server farm until we could rebuild. This allowed my users to still see a presents of my software products. Thank You Slor!


Atari 8-bit people are the finest people in the World. I want to Thank every Atari user who has registered shareware software.



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