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RealDos Version 1.0a Build 30

RealDos Build History

Real.dos       Build 0003 10/21/2002 sjc
                    added NTSC/PAL Control
                    added KPI detection
                    cleanup of lables
Real.dos       Build 0004 10/22/2002 sjc
                    Build 0005 10/27/2002 sjc Deciphered all the look up tables
                    Build 0006 10/30/2002 sjc
                    Build 0007 11/03/2002 sjc Changed some zpage definiation
                    Build 0008 06/08/2003 Jeff Williams added Documentation to file.
                    Build 0009 07/28/2003 sjc
                    Build 0010 04/16/2004 sjc added some stuff for the bbs ack
                    Build 0011 12/28/2004 sjc
                    Build 0012 2/16/2005 sjc Fixing bugs 
                    Build 0013 2/17/2005 SJC Added APE Detection
                    Build 0014 7/01/2005 sjc Fixed a mio bug
                    Build 0015 8/07/2005 sjc Put a mux override need to use the Select key
                    Build 0016 8/22/2005 sjc Added some code not to lock up kpi
                    Build 0017 11/19/2005 sjc corrected a date problem
                    Build 0018 01/11/2006 sjc added ape warp + and My ide detection
                    Build 0019 02/18/2006 sjc added detection for IDE interface 4.1 and changed default
                    Build 0020 02/20/2006 sjc ciov handler to none high speed
                    Build 0021 03/03/2006 sjc Starting to convert to xasm.. got a lot to map out
                    Build 0022 03/31/2006 sjc Resolving a few parms and doing cleanup. Has bugs.
                    Build 0023 09/30/2006 sjc Resolving a few parms and cleanup with support for pbi,mux,my-ide 
                    Build 0024 10/02/2006 sjc Trying to get a bit of memlow back added SIOV menu
                    Build 0025 01/04/2009 sjc Fixing bugs
                    Build 0026 02/12/2010 sjc put a switch function for upcase and unify
                    Build 0027 08/23/2010 sjc Abbuc Build for contest
                    Build 0028 tried to convert to xasm turned out bad
                    Build 0029 12/02/2010 sjc Fix the pbi calls
                    removed the ape call.... And All PBI Calls
                    Build 0029a 02/20/2011 sjc removed pbi call's at boot up. Mask out Option key during bootup.
                    Build 0030 03/20/2011 sjc for the people who are running the my-ide interface with a real rom
                                                            solder a on/off switch pin 3 and 10 of gtia. If the switch is ON then
                                                                             the siov from the OS will always be used!
                    Build 0031 11/21/2012 sjc Created a bit table to keep Track of Drivers

Real.dos ;[x] Build 0031 Mac/65 sjc
Here is a list of what this dos has in it. All Classic SpartaDos commands are here except where noted:

When dos is booting Holding down any CONSOL key will give you a menu to select SIOV type. This was done so that as new hardware get's designed. You can control the siov handler you wish to use. if you are not holding down a consol key during boot RealDos will configure SIOV for you.

Start = US Doubler SIOV
Select = OS SIOV
Option = Let Dos make the choise

removed "ainit" function
added md for makeing directory
added mkdir for makeing directory
added rd for remove directory
added rmdir for removing a directory
added chdir for changing a directory
added cd for changing a directory
added cls for clearing the screen
added ver for version of the dos
added cold for cold start of computer
added echo for turning the screen on and off
added case insentivity (lower case ok to use)
added mux compatable cio handler
added drive 9 support

Note: That all the classic SpartaDos command are STILL valid except for the Ainit

Define: md or mkdir
Syntax for use:
md dx:>stuff make a dir call stuff
md dx:\stuff make a dir call stuff
mkdir dx:>stuff make a dir call stuff
mkdir dx:\stuff make a dir call stuff

Define: rd or rmdir
Syntax for use:
rd dx:>stuff removes a dir call stuff
rd dx:\stuff removes a dir call stuff
rmdir dx:>stuff removes a dir call stuff
rmdir dx:\stuff removes a dir call stuff

Define: cd or chdir
Syntax for use:
cd dx:>stuff Change director to stuff
cd dx:\stuff Change director to stuff
chdir dx:>stuff Change director to stuff
chdir dx:\stuff Change director to stuff
cd \ change to root dir
cd .. carries you back on directory
chdir \ change to root dir
chdir .. carries you back on directory
cd ..\.. carries you back two directory
chdir ..\.. carries you back two directory

Define: cls
Syntax for use:
cls clears the screen

Define: ver
Syntax for use:
ver Displays the current version of RealDos

Define: cold
Syntax for use:
cold cold starts the computer

Define: echo
Syntax for use:
echo on turns the screen on
echo off turns the screen off

very usefull when copying a large amount of file(s) to a ramdisk.


Some of the new files on this ATR Please enjoy this atr. A lot of hours when into it. and Yet I am still not done.. Oh well, I will keep working. 
Please let me know what you think of the command files "Super Sector Copy" This will allow you to make atr's the size of your source drive from 4 to 65535 sectors, floppies or hard drive and then
sector copy them to the target ATR. Support's the APE, MUX, Black Box, MIO, Ramdisk's "must use my" <note> if you have a black box and a partition map will backup you entire hard drive from the command line. 'ssc parm1 parm2' parm1 = black box temp drive, Parm2 is the ape
drive. Be aware this can take several days to run depending on the size of  your hard drive. SSC, will map your black box according to you partition
map, create an ATR file the same as you partition map name and then sector copy to the atr of the same name. SSC do not care how big or small your
drives are... It will just make an image of them. If you wish to just copy a partition or two just type in 'ssc' and it will bring up a menu that has help screens in it. from SpartaDos or Real.dos you can mount the atr you wish. you can unmount an ATR from the command line. from the command line you can make any size atr you wish, single or double density, Mount it and also build a directory. <note> building a directory requires double density. has the fix for y2k and correctly takes care of the day of the week. Pulls time from r-time 8, APE, or Mux depending on your configuration. Also this tdline2 is aware if it has already been loaded and will update the time and then exit without reloading the handler. ram disk handler that can be re-entered. This ram disk handler will function in single or double density you can change it's drive letter
or map it out all together. Then re-map it when you are ready. Also you must tell it to format. so if you soft boot your machine and re-boot dos a
simple 'ramdisk d9:' will re-install the handler. You can also sector edit the ram disk. With ssc you can sector copy it to an atr file. This is the very tool that was used in creating the atr I e-mail to you. will load an image file byte for byte to restore a ram disk.<note> you must be using my ram disk handler. will save the entire contents of a ram disk to an image file. <must be using my ramdisk handler> will copy your OS out to either an IBM image file or Bob burner file.
<no need to desolder to have a chip image> the support file for the SMARTOS that I use. will look into what kind of pbi device you have and Park it correctly. Black Box and MIO only. High speed screen Handler. will read the percom table calculate the amount of sectors and build a new directory on anything. Yes Anything! Black Box PBI drives,
hard drive partitions, ram disk <if you are using my ram disk Handler>, standard floppies. Note: This will not format MY-IDE drives due to the MY-IDE OS rom not being PERCOM compatable.

All these files are 100% assembler code. Written with xasm.exe

Here is a list of the Support Command files and there Status.


Include Files Needed to compile my RealDos Support files.

File info This is a useful text file.

RealDos File Files for download. These files will Download as Filename.moc  Change "moc" to "com" when you move the file over to your Atari.

RealDos Source. These files are the Source files. The extender is ".s" and in ascii format. You can edit them with notepad or a text editor that does not add formatting code to the text file.

RealDos PDF. These files are my source file that have been turned into a pdf file.

manual_realdos_1.0 build 31.pdf RealDos Documentation!

Names of my Current RealDos Support files.

APE_HND.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  11/16/2012
RAMDISK.COM  Version  2.6  Last Updated  08/29/2012
PRC.COM  Version  1.8  Last Updated  08/18/2012
IOMON.COM  Version  1.7  Last Updated  08/19/2012
TURBOSS.COM  Version  1.A  Last Updated  10/15/2012
DUPDSK.COM  Version  1.7  Last Updated  08/19/2012
EDITFILE.COM  Version  1.A  Last Updated  10/16/2012
NCOPY.COM  Version  1.8  Last Updated  08/19/2012
C_MOVE.COM  Version  1.8  Last Updated  08/19/2012
F_MOVE.COM  Version  1.8  Last Updated  08/19/2012
C_COPY.COM  Version  1.8  Last Updated  08/19/2012
SSC.COM  Version  1.9  Last Updated  08/19/2012
DOSMENU.COM  Version  1.7  Last Updated  10/12/2012
RS232.COM  Version  1.9  Last Updated  08/19/2012
DUMP.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  08/18/2012
MDUMP.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  08/19/2012
RVERTER.COM  Version  1.A  Last Updated  09/30/2012
APE_VER.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  08/19/2012
BAT.COM  Version  2.3  Last Updated  08/19/2012
BBMENU.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/19/2012
S_TIME.COM  Version  2.5  Last Updated  08/19/2012
SHOW_MUX.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  08/19/2012
TDLINE2.COM  Version  2.B  Last Updated  09/04/2012
MEMORY.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  08/19/2012
HAPPY.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  08/19/2012
OSS.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/19/2012
KEYTEST.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  02/27/2012
CHAT.COM  Version  2.4  Last Updated  10/15/2012
SPARTA.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/19/2012
USPRAMD9.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/19/2012
MUXTIME.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  09/05/2012
CHTD.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/19/2012
RENDIR.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/19/2012
CHVOL.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  05/01/2012
RPM.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  06/16/2012
BB_FMT.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  02/26/2012
TREE.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  06/04/2012
TSET.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/21/2012
RESETMUX.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  08/21/2012
PUTRUN.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/21/2012
SORTDIR.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/21/2012
UNERASE.COM  Version  1.7  Last Updated  10/12/2012
VDEL.COM  Version  1.7  Last Updated  08/21/2012
MIOCFG.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  10/02/2012
BSWAP.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  08/21/2012
LOAD_MUX.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/21/2012
STAT_MUX.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/21/2012
MUX.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  10/05/2012
MEGA.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/19/2012
OS_CAP.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  08/22/2012
RAMCHECK.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/22/2012
MIO_MNU.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  10/15/2012
RAM_CAP.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  03/01/2012
RAM_LOAD.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/21/2012
MAKE_ATR.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/22/2012
MOUNT.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/22/2012
UNMOUNT.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/22/2012
PURGE_6C.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  10/11/2012
PARK.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/24/2012
WHEREIS.COM  Version  1.9  Last Updated  08/24/2012
CHECK_RT.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/24/2012
PROKEY.COM  Version  1.8  Last Updated  08/24/2012
TO_ASCII.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/24/2012
HARDWARE.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  09/19/2012
FILE2PC.COM  Version  1.5  Last Updated  08/24/2012
STRIP.COM  Version  1.5  Last Updated  08/27/2012
HDFMTMIO.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  10/13/2012
FMTDIR.COM  Version  1.8  Last Updated  10/12/2012
XINIT.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  06/16/2012
ARC.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  10/03/2012
UNARC.COM  Version  2.6  Last Updated  05/30/2012
DELAY.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  06/19/2012
PEEK.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  08/24/2012
POKE.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  08/26/2012
EXP_ON.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/26/2012
SNAPSHOT.COM  Version  B.E  Last Updated  0/0/0
WIPEDISK.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/26/2012
 Version   Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/26/2012
CARTDUMP.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  08/26/2012
HYP_R.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  03/31/2012
SHUTDOWN.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  10/13/2012
VERSION.COM  Version  1.9  Last Updated  08/27/2012
CRCCHECK.COM  Version  1.4  Last Updated  08/27/2012
GDEVICE.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  08/27/2012
DIS_BAT.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/28/2012
CR.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/28/2012
SET_REG.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  08/28/2012
D_TEST.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  09/05/2012
REALSIOV.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  08/28/2012
MAKEMSGB.COM  Version  1.6  Last Updated  08/28/2012
ERROR.COM  Version  1.7  Last Updated  08/28/2012
PERCOM.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  09/07/2012
XTYPE.COM  Version  1.9  Last Updated  10/19/2012
MAKEDIR.COM  Version  1.3  Last Updated  08/28/2012
CHKDSK2.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  08/28/2012
RAM_DISK.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/28/2012
S2UTIME.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  09/01/2012
SIO2SD.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  10/12/2012
SDRIVE.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  09/19/2012
SIO2IDE.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  09/12/2012
SIO2USB.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  09/14/2012
SETUTIME.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  09/16/2012
APETIME.COM  Version  1.2  Last Updated  08/28/2012
SAVEMUX.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  10/07/2012
DIRBUILD.COM  Version  1.1  Last Updated  10/10/2012
BANK_BB.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  10/16/2012
MAKE_BAD.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  10/16/2012
SDMESAGE.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  10/16/2012
PORTTEST.COM  Version  1.0  Last Updated  10/20/2012