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:ILS Multiplexer Product

ONE of the old Atari products I managed to bring back to life for the hard core Atari 8-bitters! 

June 2006 I purchased Bob Puff entire stock of blank multiplexer boards. I managed to find all the chips and have assembled 35 of the 50 boards. Don't worry I have all the parts for all 50 in stock. 

What is a Multiplexer? 

The Multiplexer

This device brings the power and flexibility of larger systems to your 8-bit. The Multiplexer is a collection of cartridge interface boards that allow up to 8 Atari’s to read and write to the same drives (typically a hard disk), access the same printer(s), and talk to each other. It is the first practical networking system for the Atari 8-bit computer. 

One "master" computer (any 8-bit) is equipped with the master multiplexer interface. Then up to 8 "slave" computers hook up to this master, each having their own slave interface. The slave interface consists of a cartridge that plugs into the cartridge port. It has its own socket on the top so you can use whatever cartridges you desire with the system. 

The "common" peripherals (things that are to be shared) are connected to the master. On each slave, all disk and printer I/O is routed through the master so no extra disk drives are needed. The master computer can be configured in any manner you wish. You may have certain peripherals local to the slave or routed to a different number on the master. Note that serial ports (R: RS232 interfaces) are not multiplexed. All slaves are independent and do not need to have the same program running on them.  

This system is excellent for BBS SysOps. You can be using your hard disk(s) while still running your BBS uninterrupted. Another example for its use is in a classroom situation or anywhere a disk needs to be shared by many people. This is an excellent programming and debugging tool as well! 

The Multiplexer is compatible with these pbi devices: 256k or 1 Meg MIO, all versions of the Black Box, Supra/KPI. It is also compatible with APE, MYDOS, and Some versions of SpartaDos, all versions of REAL.DOS, Tucker FLASH carts, OSS carts, and r-time 8. 

 It will NOT function with any of the MY-IDE interfaces.

Bob Puff sold me the last 50 ORGINAL boards he had left IN STORAGE! I also inquired if he had any Black Box's and he did not reply.

Anyone who wishes to share his or her pbi hard drive out to more than one Atari may want to look into this.

 Right NOW each board is costing me $75.00 US to produce the quality that I would want to use for myself. If you wish to purchase 5 or more it is reduced to $65.00. I also have a limited supply of the original cases they are $8.00 each.  I will pay shipping on any order over $250.00.  These are fully functional and tested Mux’s with MUX OS Rom & software.  Tests included mixing Puff mux's and ILS mux's in every possible configuration. I am also using matched parts! I want to make this plan and clear. THESE ARE ORGINAL Bob Puff PRODUCED MUX BOARDS with NEW parts.  You will also notice from the graphic I used dip switches not punch pins, so that it is easy to add or change your MUX configured system.  Out of the 50 ORGINAL Boards I only have 25 left! I original wanted to provide this product at the same price Bob Puff did however the cost of PIA chips and CART connectors and DIP switches, terminating resister pack quickly nixed that.  If you would like to see a Multiplexer in action you can telnet or hyperterm my bbs '' port 8888, 8889, 8890. I am sorry but my web site is not finished yet.  I hope to have it up and running soon. If you have any question you can e-mail me at '' you log into my BBS and leave feedback to sysop.

 Stephen J. Carden





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