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This is a Picture of the remake of the ICD MIO!



Ken Jones Put a lot of hard work to bring this PBI device back. It also uses SIMM chips rather than 4 banks of 256k By 1 chips that 32 chips in the original design.



The KJ MIO came in one type aa 1 meg MIO. This MIO uses a 30 pin simm chip for the ramdisk.  This devices supported a R Handler, Print Handler and a SCSI port. The Ramdisk could be broken up into several different ram disks. Being it was self powered information would remain in the ram disk until powered off. This was a second generation device and the first PBI device to have a R port. There is a lot of support out there for the mio in ether SpartaDos or RealDos. This is not a remake of the ICD MIO it has had some circuit changes to better support the imbedded SCSI drives. The Rom has also been updated. I intend to update RealDos support files to include the firmware updated. One of the other cool things Ken Jones did was he up dated the R & P ports with the correct cabling. I enjoyed working with Ken Jones on this device and I use mine all the time on my BBS System






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