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This SIO2SD Came from Lotharek web site.


Here is the main PCB of Lotharek SIO2SD. This is a very nicely put together .


I added Header pins so I could connect external push button switches. I also added 6 pin right angle header for the LED support.


Here is the finished SIO2SD that is now installed into a project Box. Lotharek has SIO2SD that are already installed in a nice looking case. I would say that if you are going to purchase an SIO2SD to go ahead and get one that is already installed inside Lotharek SIO2SD case. One other really cool thing is that this version of the SIO2SD supports all 15 drives supported by SpartaDos X Cart!





SIO2SD Purchased from Atari Fan Store

SIO2SD Comes in two types.

The SIO2SD media is a SD card that you can place your atrs on with your IBM. Has a nice display five external buttons to change atrs with out running software. The software that comes with the Device is easy to use. You can run up to 8 drives. The only downfall is the board does not lend itself to easy installation. But with a bit of work it can turn into a nice upgrade. I built mine into an 800xl.


This is a picture of the display mounted into the 800xl case.


The SIO2SD plugs into the display. You also need to trim the case for the sd card.


Here you see the buttons and ledís.


Now it is all closed up and the finial view of the completed project.


The SIO2SD is a device that allows you to load games/applications into any 8-bit Atari XL/XE computers via SIO interface from SD/MMC cards.
Device abilities:

  • Works with SD (not SDHC) and MMC(FAT12,FAT16 and FAT32 formats)
  • Handles ATR (rw), XFD (ro) and COM/XEX (ro) file types
  • 16x2 LCD display allows to "walk" catalog tree and choose files to load
  • Handles SIO with turbo (allows to set speed index from 1 to 16, default is 6 (69kb/s), in versions 1.x speed index was always 10 (51kb/s))
  • All densities with 128B and 256B sectors, including 16MB disks
  • Handles drives D1 to D8
  • Can be configured using ATARI (it's possible to load configuration tool directly from MCU flash memory, so no SD card is needed)

Some useful documents and informations


I Rate the SIO2SD a 7!  I gave it 5 point for function ease of use 2 more points

Because it did turn into a nice mod. You can get one of these devices from

The  Atari Fan Store



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