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1050 Super Archiver with Bit Writer!

The Super Archiver is not just another 1050 double density, high-speed upgrade. Rather, it is the most powerful copying and disk editing tool available for the 8-bit computer! Copies of disks are exact duplicates of originals eliminating the need for patches, PDB files, or extra computer hardware. The Super Archiver is the fastest non-buffered upgrade for the 1050 drive.

Once installed, your drive has the ability to perform in all three densities, reconfiguring automatically as needed. But unlike some upgrades, 100% compatibility is maintained, so you will be able to boot any disk regardless of the protection. The software provided enables sophisticated editing of single density disks.

Ultra Speed data transfer is fully implemented, so programs and hardware modifications supporting this will really take off. (Both the Black Box and the Ultra Speed Plus OS support this.)

The Super Archiver is fully compatible with the older Archiver for the 810 drive but comes complete with more powerful software that makes use of the 1050ís extended capabilities. You may use an Archiver 810 drive for two drive backups.

The Super Archiver software is more than just a back-up program. It enables the user to actually edit each sector (with ML disassembly), modify the sector layout on each track, and create your own bad sectors and other forms of protection. The Super Archiver is the only modification that will reproduce "phantom" sectors. The software included will duplicate these automatically as well as let you write your own. Extra memory is supported for single pass copies. Track skewing (aligning each track in a certain order) is supported as well as automatic speed compensation required to write out long tracks.

Included on the disk are other useful utility and diagnostic programs. The Mapper allows tracing the loading of a program within the drive. The Super Archiver utilities are all designed with simplicity in mind, yet have enough power for your needs.

The only programs we know that cannot be duplicated are the newer Electronic Arts programs and Synapse Syn-series (34 full sectors/track).

NOTE: Disks should only be copied to back up your original program disks! CCS in no way supports the misuse of this product as a pirating device.

The Bit Writer Board was an add on to the Super Archiver that allowed this drive mod to copy almost everything. It can with enhanced coping disks.

I have written software so that with this modification you can write fuzzy sectors from software to any sector on a target disk.


I like this Disk Modification a lot! The software is easy to use and works almost 99% of the time with out the need for a predefined back file used by the happy disk.

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