Mega Speedy Reference Page



SD = Single Density Red LED Active

ED = Enhanced Density Yellow LED Active

DD = Double Density Green LED Active


Hardware Reset =

Take the Mega Speedy out of Firmware Mode into a 3 second Change or the Mega Speedy will Auto Select E1.


Select & Set =

Is a Rotary Select Switch with Push Button to Select Firmware!



Different Modes the Mega Speedy Can Operate As

  • "E" Mega Speedy
  • "S" Super Speedy
  • "y" Speedy
  • "o" original 1050
  • "t" 1050 Turbo
  • "H" Happy
  • "U" US Doubler
  • "A" Super Archiver
  • "d" 1050 Duplicator
  • "u" SuperMax
  • "FL" Program your FLASH Rom
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