AtariMax 8M Bit Programmable Cart

AtariMax 8 Mega Bit Programmable Cart


To my knowledge this was the first user programmable cartridge!

 The First way to Start off the programmable process was to make or obtain an ATR file with the cart image within it. Then Mount the cart.ATR file as drive one with your APE software. Insert the target 8 mb AtariMax Cartridge into your Atari 8-bit computer that is equipped with a SIO2PC with your ATR image set as Drive 1. Reboot your computer and follow the instructions.

 The second way is by far the best way to program on of these carts. Using a MaxFlash device. The MaxFlash Hooks up to your IBM Clones USB port and can read ANY ATARI 8-Bit Cartridge and can write to AtariMax Cartridges This by far is the fastest way to program your AtariMax Cartridges

Their are two things you need to remember when using the AtariMax Cartridges. They have their own banking schemes that may be different than the original Cart you copied. The AtariMax Cartridges were not designed to be stacked like the ICD SDX, Express, Diamond, Multiplexer, and R-Time 8.


   The AtariMax 8 Meg Cartridge is not compatible with the Multiplexer. The reason for this problem, is because of the amount of 8 k switchable banks mapped into the 8 Meg Cart. Because of this the 8 Meg Cartridge and the Multiplexer Cartridge use parts of the same banking schemes. AtariMax did not do this on purpose they just did not know about the multiplexer or its banking schemes. Trying to use the multiplexer and the AtariMax 8mb cart will cause strange things to happen.


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