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MUX Board Smart OS TurBoss TCIIP Express

Product Turboss Multi OS Module! 


Overview of the TurBoss O/S
Atari XL/XE O/S Replacement Module

The TurBoss O/S was designed to help you realize the full potential of your
Atari's 6502 microprocessor. TurBoss enhances the screen display list speed in Graphics Mode 0 (by over 50%!). All other graphics modes are supported, but are not speeded up. Programmers and end users, alike, will find their text screens scrolling by, very quickly! No more waiting around while moving around through a large file on screen. TurBoss gives your 8-bit Atari a whole new lease on life! Included at no extra charge is Charles
Marslett's high-speed math routine, which speeds up math calculations by almost 400% (full source documentation is also included free)! TurBoss is fully compatible with Orion Micro systems' new Express Cart. TurBoss will also run just fine with Atari's new XEP-80 eighty-column board. It runs with the Turbo 8/16 Board (in 8-bit mode) and Diamond GOS, and is also fully compatible with all the most popular ICD peripherals, such as the R-Time 8 cartridge, the Sparta-DOS "X" cartridge and original Sparta-DOS on disk. Whether you own a hard disk or cassette drive, Turboss is compatible. And TurBoss has been tested with a wide variety of productivity software, such as MAC-65 and other popular programming languages, BBS and word processor packages. For those few Programs that won't run with TurBoss. No problem. simply flip the switch to the licensed, full standard Atari XL/XE O/S, which is also included on the TurBoss chip, and run The program in true Atari mode! The documentation contains the code for the entry point vectors that may be freely used by any programmer choosing to do so. The onboard key handler allows you to turn off the ANTIC chip. It also allows you to lock out your keyboard and walk away from your work without worrying about someone accidentally pressing a crucial key while you're taking a snack break! Our exclusive D.E.Mon onboard real-time monitor function (user-selectable) allows you to actively monitor IOCZ (where all files load from and save to disk), and the Device Control Block ($300 to $30B) and the stack. Also, the screen handler table is re-locatable. The differences in screen colors and text font allow you to instantly recognize that you're in TurBoss mode. Because TurBoss is so fast, data bit loss at 2400 bps (and up) is considerably reduced when transferring files. Your TurBoss package comes socket, with switch attached, and with a complete set of detailed "how-to" instructions for a trouble-free installation. Also included are Basic and machine language routines for tapping into TurBoss internally! And, your current TurBoss chip can be turned in for credit towards future TurBoss upgrades!

Install TurBoss, turn on your Atari XL/XE, and you'll experience a very pleasant surprise!


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Price: $49.95

Product Turboss Multi OS Module! 




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