AtariMax MYIDE+Flash Cart

AtariMax My-IDE+Flash Cart

This cart came about in a weird way. Mr. Atari Hand built several Cartridges. To Start out with the Cartridge replaced the OS Rom within the Atari computer by coping the MY-IDE patched sio with an sio that would work with any dos provided the dos did not need the ram under the OS. People got around this by burning the my-ide OS Rom image and replacing the Stock OS. Until this version of the MY-IDE was plagued with problems and Mr. Atari would not take help from anyone. He sold the My-IDE to many people and the people had to wait for the software to become stable. When Steve Tucker built a production cart of the MY-IDE and 1 Mega Bit of Flash Rom Space. FlashJazzCat Created a driver for SpartaDos X that fixed all the sio problems. Now that I have SpartaDos X loaded on MY-IDE it works great. Also FlashJazzCat wrote a low level partitioning tool using the APT Scheme. The MY-IDE uses a standard 40 pin .10 connection port on the top of the cart. You can either hookup a 40 pin cable or plug in a Transcend drive module. I have an IDE 512Meg Transcend  Drive attached to MY-IDE+Flash Cart. I have SpartaDos X with FlassJazCat's Drivers loaded on it.

Programming this cart is just like the standard AtariMax Programmable cartridges. They can be loaded with a SIO2PC with APE software or by using the MAXFLASH Programmer attached to your pc.

I do not like any of the MY-IDE that I have that were obtained from Mr. Atari I have had nothing but problems out of his work. Now that a proper driver has been written by FlassJazzCat and AtariMax production cart the MY-IDE with my Transcend drive attached this system works. I have used this configuration just long enough to see that is does work and it is stable.


I do not like anything that requires me to use a different OS than the one I want to run. This cartridge configuration works. I will never recommend this to any user.  Mr. Atari in my opinion did not treat the Atari User Base the way he should have. The project leading up to this point was a Cluster F**K. The only reason I have done anything at all with the MY-IDE is users have sent me ones to test with. My Users wanted me to test the IDE driver FlashJazzCat wrote for the my-ide cart. FlashJazzCat sent me the drives and the drivers are well written and function great!


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