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Last Update 8/2/2013
I have Create two Graphic to show How My Atari Connect to the Internet. I have a DSL Internet connection from AT&T. Here is something you need to know if you have an AT&T DSL connection. The Modems that AT&T sells do not allow port forwarding. This is something new from the last time I had to replace my DSL modem. So I purchased my DSL Modem from BEST BUY for half the cost of the AT&T. With this DSL modem I was able to setup a DMZ that send all my internet port activity  to my router that runs my web site and BBS. I run everything on the BBS Router by fixed IP Only! I have the other Access Point Setup for other purposes. Having them separated like this on different channels allows for better load balances. This configurations lets me see my web site and BBS Systems just like you do since each of the routers must go to the internet and come back to get to each others systems. If you click on the DSL modem it will take you to the web page of the DSL modem I am using. Each of my Linksys 54gs have had there firmware upgraded to DD-WRT.


This is a basic Atari Slave Configuration. Farther down is the configuration I use. the single one piece of equipment that allow the Atari to connect to the internet is the Lantronix devices. I use 3 different Lantronix devices. I use a WIBOX, MSS100, and MSS4. Should you decide to get your own Lantronix Device I recommend the WIBOX the WIBOX and MSS4 are still supported by Lantronix. Next I have an AtariMax USB SIO2PC attached to each Atari Slave. I have a secondary network where each of my APE devices have the same ATR mapped  on my PC fileserver that also runs my WEB Site.


Running Real Atari 8 Bit Equipment

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Systems!

Auto Links for Windows XP

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 1   Telnet Port 8888   Up 24/7

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 2   Telnet Port 8890   ON only part time and open to only Me

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 3   Telnet Port 8891   ON to provide Auto Maintenance

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 4   Telnet Port 8889  Up 24/7

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 5   Telnet Port 8892   Future Project

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 6   Telnet Port 8893   Future Project

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 7   Telnet Port 8894   Future Project

Inside the 8-Bit BBS Node #1 Slave 8   Telnet Port 8895   Future Project


I have to tell all of you if it were not for the help of several Atari 8 bit Users I would still not be online after the lightning strike. T. Rahbar, Ken Jones, Slor have provided direct help that makes This WEB Site and BBS System work. I just want to say Thank You to each of you for your support and help. Which provides a lot of information for the Atari Users.

If you want to donate to help off set the cost of running Please Donate $5.00 US by pressing the Donate Button using PayPal!

My Atari 8-bit  Multiplexer Setup.


The Software I use from the dos up I have written. I use RealDos 1.0a Build 30 and Tcpip Express Version 7.0d which I took my BBS Source and modified it to run on the Internet and support the new hardware that has been built by a lot of gifted designers and use the Really COOL Lantronix Serial to Ethernet Servers.


I have a lot of supporting equipment not listed here for both the Atari 8-bit and My Windows 2003 file Server and workstations.

Multiplexer Master Atari 130xe expanded 320kxe
130XE with Ultimate 1 Meg and SIDE 2 Cart
Seagate 4 gig Compact Flash Hard Disk
JAM Composite to VGA Adapter
SF551 With Puff 720k Drive Mod
Epson 520LQ Printer
SIO2PC Serial Version
ICD R-Time 8

Slave #1 Port 8888 Up 24/7
Atari 130xe expanded  576kxe
Quad Multi OS
Multiplexer Slave Cart #1
AtariMax SIO2PC USB Version
AKI Keyboard Adapter
Lantronix e2100 Serial to Ethernet Server

Slave #2 Port 8890 Up Part of the time
Atari 130xe Expanded 576kxe
MUX OS, Standard OS, Ultra Speed +
Black Box with Floppy Board and Parity Chip
2.1 Gig Seagate SCSI Drive
3 1/2 1.44meg Floppy Drive
Multiplexer Cart
DataQue TransKey
Super Archiver with Bit Board
AtariMax SIO2PC USB APE Modem

Slave #3 Port 8891 My Personal Atari
Atari 130xe expanded 576kxe Battery Backed Static RamDisk
Smart OS With Phantom SRam $d7xx
Quintapus Sio Device
Multiplexer Cart
Black Box with Floppy Board and Parity Chip
2.1 Gig SCSI Hardisk
3 1/2 1.44 Meg Floppy Drive
DataQue TransKey
AtariMax SIO2PC USB Version
ICD R-Time 8
Happy/Duplicator Fuzzy Sector 1050
OSS Multi Cart (Mac/65, Action, Basic XE, Basic XL
Lantronix MSS4 Port 1 Serial to E-Net server

Slave #4 Port 8889 BBS up 24/7
Atari 130xe expanded 576kxe Battery Backed Ramdisk
Quad Multi OS with Phantom Ram $d7xx
Ken Jones 1 Meg MIO
AtariMax SIO2PC USB with APE Software
Multiplexer Cart
R-Verter R: Device
Lantronix e2100 Serial to E-Net server.
Happy 1050 with Controller Board

Slave #5 Port 8892 (Still being Built)
Atari 130xe expanded 576kxe Battery Backed Ramdisk
Quad Multi OS with Phantom Ram $d7xx
ICD 1meg MIO
Multiplexer Cart
AtariMax SIO2PC Serial Version
Lantronix Port 2 Serial to E-Net
1050 Happy Drive with Controller Board

Slave #6 Port 8893 (Have Everything)
Atari 130xe expanded 256kxl Rambo RamDisk
AtariMax 32 in 1 Multi OS
Multiplexer Cart
Lantronix MSS4 Port 3 Serial to E-Net Server

Slave #7 Port 8894 (have Everything)
Atari 130xe expanded 256kxl Newell Ramdisk
Quad Multi OS with Phantom Ramdisk
Multiplexer Cart
Atari 850
Lantronix Mss4 Port 4 Serial to E-Net

Slave #8
Atari 130xe Mounted in a PC Tower Case
Ultimate 1 Meg with Side 2 Cart
Custom Multiplexer Cart that can be switched between Slave 8 and Master Modes
Stereo Pokey
AKI Keyboard Modification
5 inch Color LCD-TFT Monitor
VBXE Ver 2.1
IDE Plus 2.0 Rev Ds
Install a ECI to PBI dual cartridge port expansion cart
Brown Out Protector

Internet connects to a Netgear dsl modem The modem connects to a Linksys Router that is running Open ddwrt software. I am Running two Linksys Routers linksys takes care of my Atari and My WEB Server Protected The other Linksys is open so the truck stop I live next to can have internet. almost Every thing on my network runs
wireless. The Truck Stop has one of those really high sign. My past luck with the big lightning rod has caused me to lose money and equipment and the time involved in rebuilding things.

I am in the process of writing code to transfer data from the Atari to my web site.

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