ATX Brown Out Protector

Brown out protector are designed to protect computer hardware from power flickers where you have less than a blink of the eye. Should the power drop the relay coil will become de-energized which kills all power. If the computer loses power the circuit requires the user to press the start button. By protecting the computer from brown outs you stand a lot better chance of scrambling a hard disk or corrupted memory.

The Parts required for an ATX Power Supply!

This Brown Out Protector is for Atari Computers Mounted inside PC Tower Cases.  I am planning to draw up a circuit to support a 5 volt external power supply.

From here you can make out of a extension cable a hookup for your Atari +5 Volts and +12 Volts if you have a small LCD Monitor you wish to power. This brown out protector circuit was designed for mounting an Atari 130xe inside a PC Tower case. If you wish to use it in external Power supply 4 Atari can be powered from this one supply. The standard Molex connector on the ATX Power Supply provides both +5 and +12 volts dc.

Here is a picture of a mother board extension cable.

Making your modification to an extension cable allows you to make whatever you like and allow you to can the power supply should it be necessary.

Here is a Molex Connector that the +5 Volts is wired to an Atari Power Supply Cable & +12 Volt cable to power a 12 Volt LCD TFT display.


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