IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D

Hardware use for these tests. Atari 130 576kxe battery backed Ramdisk, Quad OS Boards, SIO2PC, ABBUC Turbo-Freezer 2011xe, Multiplexer.

Here are all 4 of my IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. Each configured different than the other.

I received my IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D on July 5 2013. The package was packed very well with plenty of static bubble wrap with no damage to the shipping box.

I then Ordered from an IDE to CF adapter. The CF adapter was a perfect fit for the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. I also ordered an IDE to SD adapter and I do not know which web site it came from.

Here is the layout of what each of the buttons and switches do on the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D.

This is a ledger of what each of the switches and push buttons do. While this 8 pin header is not used in this version they do have active signal. Do not short them. If you have a blank connector you could place one over these pins. I also added a 50 pin blank connector to keep from bent or damaged.

IDE+ required external power only when is connected to 800XL computer, because there is no power supply on the PBI connector in 800XL.

Toggle switch should be connected between toggle switch pin and ground. I tested the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. Firmware version 1.2 Since it was published on AtariAge that a lot of functions are not present until the revision 1.3 of the firmware. So I did not try to test the button functions. until the firmware is finished and flashed in the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D.

Ready to power up my computer and test the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D and an SIO2PC

I had already printed out the documentations and to bring up the internal menu you hold down Start key and press reset. So I proceeded to bring up the internal configuration menu.

I checked over the internal configuration. The only thing that needed to be updated was the Time and Date. I then did a save and Boot option Control B. One thing I forgot to tell you is I also had a SIO2PC with this ATR file.

APT Toolkit (SDX Only).ATR

Support Web Site for the IDE Plus 2.0 Hardware Rev D firmware version 1.2

I booted the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D Ran fdisk and created APT tables and then built a directory on the drives I created. I also created a boot drive for RealDos which also worked really well. There is some software that I think should be written also a lot of things are not enabled yet because the revision 1.3 of the firmware is not ready. There seems to be a software delay. Her hardware is ready to go but the firmware is not ready. I had a problem With FlashJazzCats fdisk program. but one thing this device did do is read and work will with a compact flash chip that was prepped on my Ultimate 1 Meg and Side 2 Cart. There are software issues that will not be resolved until the firmware and fdisk program work correctly according to the APT Standard. So I can only give a small preview of this cool little PBI device. It is put together in a very professional way. These board were assembled on production equipment. The quality of the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D is higher quality than my 800xl or 130xe that Atari Built.


Basic test

 #1 Read/write SDX:           Full Marks

#2 Read/Write RealDos :     Full Marks

#3 Function with SIO2PC:   Full Marks

# 4 Support Software:

Software and firmware Still being worked on can not grade it until it is published

# 5 Ease of use:                 Full marks

#6 Quality of the Product:

                          100% Professional workmanship on the PCB.

#7 Sub Function Tests

SDX works great can be turned off with a cold /cn command line entry Time clock works with the internal SDX but it also works with the TDLINE2 of RealDos without software update.


#8 Design Fault:

This is just me being picky. The Battery that is mounted on the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. does not allow for a battery CHANGE. When the Battery Goes dead the old Battery will require desoldering and a replacement battery solder back back. This is the same way the ICD R-Time 8 Battery was setup.


I would recommend this DEVICE to any Atari Users. The IDE Plus 2.0 is a fast compact reasonable priced and flexible PBI device. I found this device to see and configure every IDE Media I tried. This is an incomplete review! Until we get our updated firmware and APT FDISK . We are just up in the air. I like the way this device works. It is a compact fast neat device. The Only APT & FAT32 device that is finished is the Ultimate 1 Meg and Side 2 Cart. When the firmware is finished for the IDE Plus 2.0 and works the same way as the Ultimate 1 Meg with Side 2 Cart. Once the firmware is updated this will be my top pick for the most complete and useful PBI device for the Atari 8-bit. I found a lot of software for the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. I really like this device.


This something that I have never done before. Simius told me that he has 20 of the device left. While I have set up an order link for the IDE Plus 2.0 Revision D I get nothing for doing this. I get no money for this link. This link was set up to put you in the hands of the builder. If you have a different order setup then you need to contact SIMIUS. I have nothing to do with this transaction. If you have any questions different order than what is laid out here any question info or anything about this device contact  

  I have created a link that you can order:



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