Purchase IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D.

Here are all 3 of my IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. Each configured different than the other. first on has a IDE to CF, the one in the middle has IDE to SD adapter, The one to the right has a real 60 gig Hard disk. I Used IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D with the Compact Flash adapter for most of my test's. Please note that no Adapter Boards or Media Come with this device.

Here is an addition to the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. This is how Ken Jones AKA (Metalguy66) hooked his IDE Plus up to his 800xl.  If you have any question send them to Ken.  I use 130xe


This something that I have never done before. Simius told me that he has 20 of the device left. While I have set up an order link for the IDE Plus 2.0 Revision D I get nothing for doing this. I get no money for this link. This link was set up to put you in the hands of the builder. If you have a different order setup then you need to contact SIMIUS. I have nothing to do with this transaction. If you have any questions different order than what is laid out here any question info or anything about this device contact  



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