IDE Plus 2.0 Rev Ds Upgrade

Do this modification at your own risk and this is your risk and I am not responsible for this upgrade.

You can add a 40 pin .10 header to your IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. I verified through Simius the connections to add this port to the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D to be certain that you can do this. This upgrade requires a technician with very good soldering skills. If you are uncertain of your skills do not attempt this upgrade.

Parts needed 40 pin header pins. All you have to do is Put your header pins into a 40 pin ribbon cable to act as a heat sink and to hold them steady during soldering. here is where you have to solder the header pins.

Now insert your header pins into your ribbon cable to hold it steady and put enough solder on each end to make your solder connection. Now solder each end of the pin and then take your time soldering each of the pin to there pin on the IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D controller. It should look like this when you are finished.

Now if you are wanting to use this with the Atari 130xe you will have to use a ribbon cable to to where the video connection attaches to the computer. Now I am using a 130xe with an XE to XL PBI Adapter Board.

Here will show you that your upgrade is good and ready to go. The IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D Software.

Ok We are done and you now have an IDE Plus 2.0 Ds




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