Lotharek Side 2 Cart

Side 2 - Compact Flash Interface / Game /Flash Cart


The SIDE2  interface, provides hard disk functionality and much more for 8-bit Atari computers, all packaged in a compact cartridge design. The device features:

Using the special SIDE build of SpartaDOS X, one can enjoy many of the benefits of a hard disk interface on the Atari by simply plugging in the cartridge and turning on the machine. The SIDE driver for SDX is loaded directly from SDX's "CAR" (Cartridge) device at boot-up, and all the necessary software tools are right there on the cartridge. SIDE files on the CAR device include:

The SIDE driver for SpartaDOS X uses the APT (Atari Partition Table) scheme, devised by Konrad Kokoszkiewicz. This ensures storage media can be easily shared with other compliant interfaces (currently MyIDE for SDX, Incognito, Ultimate 1MB PBI, and the IDE Plus 2.0 APT Beta BIOS).

* SIDE is seen as PBI device (as regular HARD DISK INTERFACE) with  Ultimate 1MB.


When using Qmeg or HighSped Os SHIFT + RESET does a cold reset !



SIDE Driver API Tech Ref  Draft 2.pdf

SpartaDos X 4.45 SIDE

SpartaDos X 4.46a SIDE 2






DISCLAIMER : I`m not responsible for data corruption You may encounter when Atari looses power supply. I am not responsible any data problems that you may create from not reading the documentation. I am to responsible for bent pins from plugging your compact flash memory module.







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