Sloopy USB SIO2PC Review

Last Update 6/18/2013

Sloopy sent me one of his USB SIO2PC to test. This SIO2PC does not work with AtariMax APE software. There is other software that functions with this device as well as other home made SIO2PC. This sio2PC function just as Sloopy said it would. There are a few things I really like about this device. 1 you do not have to do anything to it to keep it from shorting out because the Printed Circuit Board has no protection from shorting out.

You just hook up your Atari Serial plug and add a USB cable that has a mini connection to attach to the other end of the USB SIO2PC. Mine looked like this. I loaded the software  onto another one of my machines and the device worked well.

I do not sell any of the items I do a review on. But I would not have a problem purchasing and using this device. I do see this device and AspeQt giving AtariMax SIO2PC some competitions since you have to pay for both the AtariMax Software and Hardware. The software I used for the test was AspeQt (Download ASPEQT Software). And if you have limited funds or do not care about the extras that are in the AtariMax Ape software this may be the device for you. I personally use the AtariMax USB SIO2PC and Ape. The reason why is Steve Tucker has put code inside Ape to work with my RealDos  projects. He also provided programming equates that works in conjunction with my BBS Software and Multiplexer. But if you want to just do read and writes to atr files what Sloopy has put together works just fine. And you do not have to worry about it shorting out!

  is an e-mail address that you can use to contact Sloopy to purchase one of this USB SIO2PC devices. I have no Idea what he charges. Please inform him that you got the info about the USB SIO2PC from my web site. I make no money from reviews I do on Atari Hardware. In most cases I purchase the hardware from the internet just like any other user and get no discount. In this case Sloopy gave me the USB SIO2PC I used for this review. This review was done in an true objective way. The fact he gave me the hardware to do the review did not effect the review of this hardware in anyway what so ever.

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