SpartaDos 3.3c Cart

Last Update 9/30/2013

Lance Ringquest took my SpartaDos 3.3c Source code that Bob Klaas Sold him, and made a version that runs from a cart. How it works is you boot your computer with this cart attached. Then you are prompted to remove the cartridge and SpartaDos 3.3c inits itself. This is a very very pore design that can results in damage to your Computer and/or Cartridge. From the time I modified SpartaDos 3.2c into SpartaDos 3.3c it has always been Shareware. The changes to SpartaDos 3.3c are drive 9 support and ms-dos like command set. these changes became necessary because to two devices. device 1 Black Box, Device 2 The Multiplexer. Both the black box and Multiplexer supported drive 9. The Multiplexer had to have a special siov handler. I wrote a special siov handler and first used it with SpartaDos 3.3a. All the people who had multiplexer loved the drive 9 support. People who were not using the Multiplexer wanted the hi-speed siov handler that was in 3.2c so I created a new version of SpartaDos 3.3b that had the original ICD siov handler. But it never failed I would always load the wrong version of SpartaDos. It became necessary to create a third version of SpartaDos that would look at the hardware it was booted from and load the proper version of the siov handler. Making the SpartaDos look at the hardware and configure itself sure fixed a bunch of problems. Because of Lance Ringquest and Michael Holman I decided to create an entire new command line driven Dos.  This is how RealDos got its name. instead of creating my own file handler I used the classic SpartaDos file system since all my media was formatted that way.




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