Last updated 3/17/2013


AtariMax ProSystem Universal Interface


This is a product sold by AtariMax Designed by Steven Tucker. There are two different types of ProSystem Universal Interface devices one Serial the other USB.  You can run more than two devices if you are using the USB version. Right now I have three of my Atari 8-bit computers attached to my server. You can have up to 8 drives, Printer, and R handler configured to run on the internet. But please take note just because you purchased the ProSystem Universal Interface from AtariMax you will also need to register The Ape software before it is fully functional. If you can only afford one SIO2nnn Device this hardware and software is a MUSTRealDos has tools to make, mount, format, and dismount atr images from the Atari side of the cable. I really like the USB version of this device. I have the USB ProSystem Universal Interface device connected to a Lantronix UBOX that allows me to hookup a wireless connection from my laptop to my Atari's. This device has really good software, the construction of the printed circuit board is of the highest quality. AtariMax now makes a version of the ProSystem Universal Interface that has an in and out on the 13 pin Atari serial connection. There is only one thing this hardware is missing. It should have been in nice case. The R Handler also drop's charters every now and then. The Atari 850 interface also dropped charters. Check out the AtariMax web site to see all the different configurations.


I rate the ProSystem Universal Interface and it's software a 9.5 out of 10


Snapshot of the Software


ProSystem Universal Interface serial configuration

ProSystem Universal Interface USB configuration

Steve Tucker has SIO2PC in different configurations. He has one now that has two Atari SIO ports so you can hook more than one device to your Atari SIO port.

Here is an SIO2PC for internal installation.

Here is a snapshot of all the different types of SIO2PC I own. I have tested and use these devices all the time.

  There are even more SIO2PC configurations that are not shown here. If you are thinking of purchasing one check out all the different configurations to find the one that works for you best. This is the one must have device for your Atari 8-bit.

This link will take you to the AtariMax web site




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