Lotharek's VBXE Review

Last Update 5/9/2014 This page is still under construction!

I will add Pictures and installing this hardware when my parts get here.


What my Plan is to install the VBXE and GBS-8220 into the Tower case my Atari Tower is installed in. I plan on hooking this up using header pins and connectors. I want to take the RGB output of the VBXE to the input of the GBS-8220 and converting it with the GBS-8220 scan converter to VGA. Now According to Lotharek you do not lose your Composite Video. I have order the Header Pins and Connectors I need but they have not showed up. I am stuck here until I get the parts I ordered. Also finding the RGB Connector for the GBS-8220 was not an easy task, I found it on the JammaBoards Web Site. It was part of a wiring harness. But the cool thing about the wiring harness is it had 10 different colors of 22 Gauge THHN wire. Enough wire to do this upgrade and a few more. So now when all my parts come in I will build a wiring harness for my VBXE. You could skip the header pins and connectors and just solder the wire directly to the VBXE Board.









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