Dremel Tools I Use.

This web page is the Dremel bits I use.

But the best tool to have when it comes to work with Dremel tool and the Atari is Time.

Take your time and think your project Through.

Before you start work..

Dremel Drill Bits I like the best. They are Brad Point Bits.

Here are my Dremel bits that stay with my cordless Dremel Tool and I use the most.

When doing work with plastic and the Atari I have found that this Plastic Cutting bit works the best at a slow to medium speed. Do not use this at high speed you will have a mess.


My Cordless Dremel

One of my Dremel Tools

Top Half

Bottom Half

Stuff mounted to the top. Left and then the Right.

The Dremel I use with the Dremel Drill Press and Router.

Here are my add on for the Dremel tool Stuff

Here is two clamps and devices to mount your Dremel to the work bench

Dremel Bits

Dremel Bits Tray 1

Dremel Bits Tray 2


Dremel Bits Tray 3


I gathered these Dremel tools and bits over a 15 year time span. Every time I would go to a store that had Dremel Tools I would go and see if they had something I did not have. I took three Plastic Containers and placed 1/2 inch Lexan that I had drilled 1/8 and 1/16 holes in to hold my bits. This has way I can see all my bits in a hurry and get what I need. You should be able to build a similar holder for your Dremel bits out of wood or plastic you have laying around.


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