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 Here are some Pictures of the Atari Tower!
Atari 130xe with a Ultimate 1 Meg Side 2 and Multiplexer Carts with other Hardware in a PC Tower

Start of a PAL Atari 130xe Tower Preject

Atari 8-Bit Internal Computer Modifications
320k 65xe Battery Backed 576kxe 320kxe 576kxe 1088kxe 1088kxe II
800XL 256k 800xl 512k 1 Meg Newell Stabilizing xl Two PIA's
Smart OS Build  Quad OS Build Dual OS AKI Interface Transkey
AtariMax 32 in 1 OS DataQue T816 Antic Ramdisk Fix 600xl Monitor Jack Pokey Stereo
Ultimate 1 Meg & Side 2 RapiDus XE Incognito UltraVideo XL UltraVideo XE 1200xl PBI
ARC Clock Audio Amp Turbo-Freezer XE 2011 VBXE 2.1 XE My-IDE 130XE Super Video
SIO2nnn Project Devices
Joy Stick Project Devices
Break Out Cable Joy Stick Test Box Joy Stick Port
Atari SIO Hardware
RVerter ICD PRC Atari 850 UPrint UPrint Graphic MIDI Mate SF-551 3 1/2
Happy 1050 With Controller Super Archiver with Bit Board Happy Duplicator With Fuzzy Mod
Indus GT SF-551 3 1/2 Stock 1050 US Doubler Quintpus SX 212
Disk Drive Info 1050 Drive Notcher 1050 Drive Reset Mega Speedy Upgrade XM-301 Modem
Atari 8-Bit Parallel Buss Interface
IDEa KJ MIO ICD MIO PBI Ram Cart Black Box With Floppy Board KPI Interface
ABBUC Turbo-Freezer IDE Plus 2.0 Rev D. Upgrade IDE Plus 2.0 Rev Ds Karin Maxi Drive SYS-Check V2.0 SYS-Check V2.2
Atari Carts
Multiplexer Cart OSS Mac/65 Cart OSS Action Cart OSS Basic XE Cart OSS Basic XL Cart
AtariMax 1 Meg AtariMax 8 Meg MYIDE+Flash MyIDE II AtariMax USB Cart
Side Cart Lotharek Side 2 Dragon Ethernet Cart SIC Cart Atari Editor Assembler
4mb Flash MegaCart ICD R-Time 8 Express Cart Diamond Cart Thompson Pro Burner
ICD SpartaDos X Defender Centipede Puffs Programmable Cart SpartaDos 3.3c Cart
The!Cart Veronica 65816 Co-Processor Cart Ultimate Cart
Turbo T816 Processor Upgrades
Lotharek RapiDus Veronica 65816 Co-Processor Cart DataQue T816
Supporting Hardware
Null Modem Cable for Lantronix Needham EMP-20 Needham SA-20 Blank Blank Blank
Null Modem Cable Chart IDE 2 Compact Flash DC 2 DC Power Converter MaxFlash USB Programmer
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