Joy Stick Test Box

This is a box I built to test read and write function of the Joy Stick and Trigger. Inside the Real Dos construction set is a program called that you can either light an LED or Read the port by pressing on of the N/O push buttons. The schematic I have drawn here is for two 9 pin connectors attached to both Joy Stick ports. For myself the one I built is for just one joy stick port. So the drawing with the Blue background is the one I use.

Parts for this project:

Display Joystick Port results with this Hardware box.

Parts required for box
1     220 ohm Resister!
1     Project Box large enough for parts
8     LED's Color of you choice!
10   Momentary Pushbuttons Switches.
1     9 pin Joystick Extension cable


Here is what my single Joystick Port Test Box Looks Like. I also added a single pole single throw switch one leg to ground and the other leg to the trigger port.






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