ULTIMATE Cartridge Review!


 This Document is still under construction!


I have not had this cart long enough to test everything out. But When I received this cart in the mail it was like most of the third carts and without a Cart Case which is fine if you have an Atari 130xe, or any of the Atari that have the XE setup. But machines like the 800xl or 600xl or any of the Atari that have a clam type setup for holing the carts you are screwed over. I still have some review work on the function of the cart its self.



How I installed my Ultimate cart into a Cart!.


I located a bug hunt cart since this is the cart the designer used to put his PCB cart into.


Before we get into this too far this is the Dremel Plastic cutting bit I used to make most all of the cuts required by this project.


I then took my time in opening the bug hunt cart. Once I had it opened it looked like this.


Now I need to carefully remove the PCB cart Board. This is what the cart shells look like.

 Take a good hard look at where you will need to modify the Bug Hunt Cart so the ultimate cart upgrade will fit

With your Dremel tool and a plastic cutting bit take your time and flush cut the items in red and grind off the Standoff

Circled in Blue.  now we only have on cut to make into the Cart. That cut allows you the users to plug in a

SD Memory card.


This was a very tricky cut with the Dremel tool. Please please take your time with this cut or you will have a mess

I just carefully marked the cart and with one of my plastic cutting bits I made this cut. It took me 45mins to make

this cut because I did not have another cart. After a lot of trial and testing it came out of. this and fitted just fine.

It should snap right in place and a be a good snug fit.



Now for the other half of the cart shell!


There again take your time doing this project. if you get in a hurry you will just end up with a mess.



Here is how mine turned up. But from now on I am not going to purchase carts that do not come with cart shells

so I can use it in my 800xl. I think if the rest of you will do the same thing I am. (not willing to buy new carts with out cart shells)

The designer will start including them. after all these carts were designed and purchased after 2000 and they came with carts.

Side Cart

Side 2 Cart


4 Meg Cart

1 Meg Tucker Cart

8 Meg Tucker Cart

Veronica Cart

My IDE+Flash Cart

SIC Cart

Atari Max IDE II Cart

Atari Max USB Cart

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