The SysCheck-II is one of them hardware tools your really hope you never need. Because if you need you are having some real bad problems with your Atari. Most of the time I do not have good luck with the DYI Kits. However the SYSCheck-II DYI Kit is the exception to my bad luck Rule. All the Parts were there. Well Labeled with Great Instructions on how to make this project sing and work for you.

SYS-Check II is designed to allow preliminary diagnoses on faulty devices without opening an Atari XL or XE and to simplify troubleshooting.

I have not looked into this but with all the new upgrades out there is the SYS Check-II going to Trouble-Shoot the new hardware. If you want to build you a first time soldering project and you are a novice this is a good project for you.

I Rate this Project at 95% 5 point were taken from the overall score because it did not have a case.

This is a very Cool Project.







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