Pictures of Tower Project

I am working on the web pages to take you on a tour of how this Atari Tower was Built.

My Atari Tower

inside my Atari Tower

Ports on my Atari Tower

Atari Mother board installed in tower

Atari Ultimate 1 Meg AKI keyboard Dual Pokey

IDEa installed in Tower with ports

IDE Compact flash adapter

Atari SIO & SIO2PC cabling

5 in LCD Monitor installed in Tower

Stereo Dual Pokey Cable

Multiplexer setup in tower

5 inch Monitor View

Monitor Cabling for tower

I had to build a custom Multiplexer cart to function as both a Master or Slave with the flip of a switch. I also needed the port at the top to act as an extension so I could mount a cartridge port on the back of the tower. I also have a switch that can turn the Multiplexer cart off/on but still pass the cart signals to the cart extension.




This is two 3 watt amp's to take the line signal and boost the stereo line and drive 2 small Speakers or a headset.

My Atx Power Supply!







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