Atari 130xe RapiDus Install

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The Big problem I found when I received both of my RapiDus Hardware upgrades is right where the RapiDus is to be installed is where my Ultimate 1 Meg are installed on most of my Computers. I mounted the Ultimate 1 Meg on 1/2 inch Standoffs and I drilled 2 1/8 inch holes into into the ground Plane. When drilling these holes take extra care not to drill into any traces which would be cut and cause you other problems. I drilled a 1/8 inch hole and mounted my AtariMax USB SIO2PC, Take the same care as with the Ultimate 1 Meg Mounting. This only applies if you have an AtariMax USB SIO2PC. Steve Tucker Build a Special USB SIO2PC for me and mounting internal to my Machines. It have a single hole to mount the sio2pc to the Mother Board. If you have an SIO2PC from Lotharek that Plugs direct into the Atari SIO then ignore SIO2PC mounting. The picture I have here does not have any of its internal wiring shown here. I did this so you could see how to mount this hardware without a bunch of internal wiring getting into the picture. You will have to do all the internal wiring before this will work. I have a lot of work before I have a complete picture of what the RapiDus can do and more important what it can do for me.


What I wanted to install in my generic Atari 130xe has this hardware

PBI Hardware I will also USE but need to test as well

Cart Hardware I need to test to see what will and will not work

Hardware to test Atari SIO Port

Hardware I want to test with the RapiDus

Multiplexer Cart (Master)

I have more testing to setup and do with the RapiDus. Will keep you informed as I work with the RapiDus.

Good Night All.



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