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Because of a number of my friends wanting a Keyboard interface board we designed  and built the KRH hardware upgrade and decided to do a run of them. We are wanting to break even on the cost of this hardware. Click on the picture of our ILS Keyboard Interface for More info and How to order. KRH is an AKI like AT Keyboard adapter for the Atari 130xe and Atari 800xl. While we had a small amount of PCBs made I intend on keeping this hardware in stock. Their are changes made to the KRH firmware that make it different from the AKI. Firmware has these changes.

The "]" Right bracket is a "+" in the AKI but is a "]" Right bracket in KRH

The "." on an AKI Keypad is a "," comma. The "." is correct on the KRH

The "~" is defined as a Clear Screen Character.


At the Moment we are figuring the ILS KRH Keyboard hardware can be used in any of these Atari home computers the Atari 130xe, 800xl. Each of these hardware upgrades will be hand built and tested before shipping. So at the moment we have set a price of $40.00 US Dollars and $5.00 shipping in the USA. Packages being mailed outside the USA require a $10.00 Shipping Handling & Insurance. These  costs were based on what we had to pay for parts to assembled each of these ILS KRH Keyboard interfaces. Because we are doing this at cost there will be no volume discounts. If you want to purchase 10 or more of these interfaces e-mail me and we will figure out how much shipping will be in a larger flat rate shipping Box.

*Note I can build a version of this that can be used with Lotharek's Stereo Pokey Board!


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